Uncontested Divorce Lawyer


Sometimes couples are able to successfully resolve their divorce issues amicably through an uncontested divorce or simple divorce. Often couples will agree to settle their issues under a Separation Agreement, at which point securing the divorce may only become a matter of procedure.

Under North Carolina divorce laws, in addition to meeting the 6 month residency requirement, parties must be separated for a period of one year and a day prior to filing for divorce, and the parties must continuously live separate and apart without the intent of resuming the marital relationship since the date of separation.

It is important that you consult with an experienced divorce attorney before deciding to file for an uncontested divorce since parties can permanently lose the right to pursue alimony and equitable distribution claims if these claims have not been raised prior to the granting of the divorce.

However, in some instances an uncontested or simple divorce is desirable, especially where the parties are able to agree on the issues in a Separation Agreement. Furthermore, an uncontested divorce proves to be an extremely cost effective method in cases where the parties decide to resolve their issues amicably. Our uncontested divorce lawyers in Raleigh, NC are well versed with all of the laws surrounding divorce in our state.  Please call today to meet with an uncontested divorce attorney!

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