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Separation Agreements Attorney in Raleigh NC

Separation Agreements are a very efficient and cost-effective way of resolving family law disputes between spouses. A Separation Agreement refers to a legally enforceable contract between the parties, and may include resolution of various issues such as spousal support, child custody, child support, and division of assets and debts.

While spouses are required to be separated for a period of one year and a day before they can file for divorce, spouses can agree to settle their issues during the interim through a Separation Agreement.  However, spouses are not required to enter into a Separation Agreement if they do not wish to do so.

In addition to being an efficient and cost-effective method of resolving disputes, Separation Agreements take the uncertainty out of allowing the court to decide what’s best for you in litigating your disputes.

Our firm offers cost-effective flat fee Separation Agreement services. If you are presented with a Separation Agreement from your spouse or spouse’s attorney, do not sign it until you have consulted with an experienced attorney.

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