Parenting Agreement Attorney in Raleigh NC


A  parenting agreement allow parents to enter into an enforceable contract with one another surrounding various parenting issues such as: custody and living arrangements, visitation, financial issues, education, medical care, religious training, and holidays. Our Parenting Agreement lawyers in Raleigh NC can help you with these needs and more.

Parenting agreements are beneficial for parents who are in the process of separating or obtaining a divorce. Parents can avoid a bitter custody battle in the courtroom, and further avoid leaving the decision making to the courts.

Additionally, parenting agreements establish guidelines and expectations that each parent must follow. This is turn provides for a more structured environment for the children, creating less stress and anxiety for everyone involved.

Furthermore, entering into a parenting agreement not only provides for a more efficient method of resolving custody disputes, but it is often a much more cost effective method of resolving these issues.

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