As we all know, retaining an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney requires a financial investment in the process. At Julyan Law Firm, PLLC we offer a number of different payment arrangements, including hourly and flat-fee options. Determining the cost of your case will require a consultation with our family law attorney to determine the issues in your case and the best method of resolution. Each divorce and family law case is different, requiring a case-specfic strategy. Furthermore, there are many methods of resolving family law disputes outside of court, including through use of separation agreements, mediation, arbitration, case settlement conferences, consent orders, etc. It’s important to note that each method of resolution may have completely different remedies of enforcement. During our intitial meeting with a client, we will complete a general intake of your case and develop a personalized case startegy for you. At a minimum, it’s imperative that you meet with a knowledgeable family law attorney to discuss your legal rights and obligations.

There are many items to consider before deciding to retain a family and divorce firm including:

1. Do they offer flat-fee payment options or are they limited to hourly charges via a retainer?
We offer both flat-fee and hourly payment options.

2. Do they accept major credit cards as forms of payment?
We accept all major credit cards and cash or check payments.

3. Do they focus exclusively on family law and divorce issues or are they general practitioners that handle multiple practice areas?
We focus exclusively on family law and divorce matters.

4. How long have they practiced in family law and divorce?
Attorney Julyan has practiced divorce and family law, exclusively since her firm’s inception in 2009.

5. Does the attorney have any client reviews and/or testimonials from former clients?
Our client testimonials are listed on our website so that prospective clients can review the positive experiences of our former clients.

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