We understand the complexities associated with the divorce process, and are devoted to handling divorce and family law issues, exclusively. If you are faced with divorce or family law issues, it is imperative that you retain counsel to represent you in this complex process in order to ensure that your personal and financial interests are protected. We are available to explain the legal process to you and to provide a personalized case strategy in an effort to allow you to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, while we make every reasonable attempt to resolve your legal issues through negotiation and agreement, we realize that this is not plausible in every case. In these situations, we are prepared to zealously litigate your case in the courtroom before a judge.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers

If you are thinking about divorce or well into the divorce process, a good divorce attorney is crucial to provide answers to your questions on how to deal with the divorce process, divorce laws and divorce requirements. Divorce Attorneys

Child Custody and Support

When a divorce involves children, it can make it difficult on the parents and the kids. We understand these situations and have experience dealing with all types of families and helping them through the process of custody, visitation rights and child support. For expert legal help in child custody and child support arrangements, contact our offices today.      Child Custody  | Child Support

Spousal Support / Alimony

A spouse may be entitled to receive spousal support or post-separation support (PSS) if: (1) he or she is the dependent spouse; (2) the other spouse is the supporting spouse; (3) the dependent spouse has unmet need; and (4) the supporting spouse has the ability to pay. PSS is a temporary form of alimony and is paid until a more permanent award of alimony is issued or some other act terminates the PSS obligation. Spousal Support

Equitable Distribution
(Division of marital assets & debts)

Under North Carolina law, the courts have the power to divide your marital assets and marital debts. This process is a complex process often referred to as “equitable distribution” or “division of assets. “ Asset Division

Domestic Violence

Divorce and family law cases are often presented with allegations involving domestic violence and abuse between spouses or partners. If present, issues surrounding domestic violence usually only continue to worsen over time as the frequency and severity of the episodes increase. Domestic violence not only presents serious safety threats to the abused, but to the children in the household as well. It can lead to feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy, only perpetuating the abuser’s desire to control and manipulate the victim. Domestic Violence

Other Legal Services

There are many other legal services we provide related to divorce and child custody law including:

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Separation Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Parenting Agreements
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