Domestic Violence Attorney in Raleigh NC

domestic_violenceDivorce and family law cases are often presented with allegations involving domestic violence and abuse between spouses or partners. If present, issues surrounding domestic violence usually only continue to worsen over time as the frequency and severity of the episodes increase. Domestic violence not only presents serious safety threats to the abused, but to the children in the household as well. It can lead to feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy, only perpetuating the abuser’s desire to control and manipulate the victim.

Acts of domestic violence are not limited to physical violence, as the statute takes specific types of harassment that rises to such a level to inflict substantial emotional distress. In short, domestic violence can take on many different forms and must be dealt with accordingly before it’s too late.

Under North Carolina Law, the legislature has enacted various procedural protections including Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPO) which require the batterer to have no contact with the victim. Additionally, a DVPO may require the batterer to leave the marital home and attend an abuser treatment program among other things. Similarly, the court may temporarily grant custody of any children residing in the marital home to the victim.

Alternatively, if you feel that you are wrongfully being accused of domestic violence by your spouse or partner, please call our firm so that we can begin defending your interests. Domestic violence allegations are very serious in that they can cause you to get fired from your job, affect your ability to secure employment with prospective employers, get denied security clearances, etc. Having an experienced attorney in domestic violence matters is paramount to protecting your legal interests and ability to earn a living.

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