Raleigh, NC Divorce Attorneys

In the state of North Carolina, divorce is a complex process, not to mention the stress that it places on spouses and children. Having a divorce attorney in Raleigh, NC by your side is paramount to successfully navigating through the court system and resolving any family law case.

Under North Carolina divorce laws, in addition to meeting the 6 month residency requirement, parties must be separated for a period of one year and a day prior to filing for divorce. The parties must also continuously live separate and apart without the intent of resuming the marital relationship since the date of separation.

However, despite the rather stringent procedural requirements, most other issues such as Raleigh child custody, child support, spousal support, division of assets, etc. may be negotiated or litigated during the interim. Whether your issues are able to be negotiated or require a battle in court, Julyan Law Firm is here as your Raleigh divorce lawyer. We want to ensure that divorce process is as painless as possible. We are passionate about divorce and family law issues as our firm is devoted to handling these cases exclusively.

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