Child Support Attorney in Raleigh NC


Under North Carolina law, parents have a legal duty to provide financial support for their children. Subject to rare exceptions, the amount of child support is determined by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The support guidelines take into account various factors, among others, such as: (1) mother’s gross monthly income: (2) father’s gross monthly income; (3) children’s portion of the monthly health insurance premium; and (4) work-related childcare costs. Support obligations for other children living in the home may be considered as well if applicable.

Child support amounts are determined according to three different worksheets depending upon the nature of the custodial arrangements and number of overnights per year.

Courts can require you to pay child support retroactively if support is not paid. In fact, you may be prosecuted or held in contempt for failure to pay support, including suspension of your driver’s license, issuance of a jail sentence, interception of tax refunds, etc. As such, whether your seeking child support or required to pay it, hiring a Raleigh child support attorney to advocate for you in court is extremely important.

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